QEQM C-19 Donation slice of Pizza


QEQM Covid-19 Donation slice/ half/ whole Sourdough Pizza.

Back in Spring 2020 we were able to deliver 76 pizzas to the remarkable staff of the QEQM hospital. We would like to donate again. It is just a small token of our appreciation to the front line workers that are battling this virus at the most vital of times. This is just a tiny, tiny way we can help the doctors, nurses and other staff of the QEQM. If anyone would like to help us deliver, donations are welcomed. £2.5 for a slice and will go directly to the staff of the QEQM in the form of pizza. Thank you xx

We have a contact at the QEQM that will allow us to safely deliver pizza’s to the staff at the QEQM. Our staff will follow advice from the QEQM and government guidelines to ensure the safest measures are followed during delivery. Our staff will not enter the building, or come within two meters of any visitors or staff of QEQM.


Slice, half or whole Pizza for NHS


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*Food allergies and intolerances – Our dough is made with wheat and does contain gluten, menu items may contain or come in to contact with eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy products. Please email or call our staff about our ingredients if you have any queries.